Well Field Services

Groundwater Well Rehabilitation and Development

Verdad Group, LLC has all necessary tools for airlifting, swab, surge, brush and bail wells ranging from 2” through 20” in diameter. We offer our patent pending liquid CO2 well rehabilitation process for the removal of scale and bacterial.

Aquifer Testing

Verdad has all equipment necessary, including submersible pump equipment, flowmeters, manifolds, discharge pipe and packers for long term aquifer testing of wells from 1 through 1000 gallons per minute.

Submersible Pump and Control System Installation and Repair

Verdad has 6-ton and 20-ton pump hoist rigs for all submersible pump installation and repair projects. Verdad is licensed for electrical contracting in the State of Arizona. We install and repair variable frequency drives, transformers, telemetry and SCADA systems.

Well Video Logging

Verdad has a portable well video logging camera and recorder. The camera will fit in wells down to 2-inch. The camera is attached to a motorized winch with 1200-feet of cable. Video logs are recorded to flash thumb drives.

Well Abandonment and Well Repair

Verdad has the equipment and experience necessary to abandon large and small diameter wells.

Verdad is licensed in the State of Arizona for Drilling (ROC 322102, DWR 877)