Verdad Group, LLC provides a full range of data collection services to support permit acquisition and regulatory compliance. We have extensive experience collecting environmental data for state, county, and small municipalities to aid in meeting new and existing regulations. Additionally, a large number of mining companies and commercial clients depend on us to collect and compile data in support of securing permits and maintaining environmental standards. Verdad Group, LLC owns and operates all of the equipment necessary to collect data, including fully-equipped well sampling rigs capable of handling any sampling activity while eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. All of our staff is OSHA, Hazwoper, and MSHA certified.

Our data collection services include:

  • Groundwater sampling
  • Surface and spring water sampling
  • Soil sampling
  • Soil vapor sampling
  • Environmental remediation system compliance sampling
  • Storm water sampling
  • Water quality parameter measurement
  • Data logger downloading and synthesis
  • Depth to groundwater level measurements and data synthesis
  • Surface and spring flow measurements

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